This woman is gorgeous!! I think she’s lovely.

This world seems to be so obsessed with dieting and losing weight that a person who looks like her is often overlooked or put down. I think it’s completely wrong. People come in different shapes and sizes, we’re not meant to be the same. It would be so boring if we looked the same, wouldn’t it? Also, we’re focusing so much on image that we forget what this life is all about: living, laughing, singing, reading great books, travelling, loving and so on.

Life does not depend on being a certain size, but on understanding the reason we were put on this Earth. And last time I checked, it meant so much more than the size of my jeans. These are just shallow things, they don’t get us deeper or further, we’re not evolving if we’re constantly obsessing over our looks. Moreover, there’s no such thing of skinny is in and fat is out or stuff like that. Hell no. Each and every body is “in”, because that’s how human beings look, that’s how we’re supposed to look. Once we get this out of the way, we can do whatever we want. Being at peace with your own body does wonders to your outlook on life:)

It took me a lot of time to understand it, but I finally did.