Anonymous asked:

Loving yourself doesn't just mean accepting your weight and finding the beauty in it. It's also taking care of yourself so please take more care of yourself you can't be healthy at that weight and we don't want you to for young from a weight related illness yo.



Can you please stop pretending you care about my health by sending me a passive aggressive message on anon? You don’t care if I die from a weight related illness or not. I am allowed to do whatever I please with my existence and if that includes loving myself now, at 600 lbs or at 100 lbs, It isn’t any of your damn business. I am living in the present; that’s all i’ve got and you have NO idea where my health stands both mentally and physically. If you genuinely “cared” about me, you would talk to me privately; not with some dumb message pretending you’re concerned. 

nonny needs to shut the fuck up and mind their own damn business